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Hallo, ich bin


Als ich nach dem Mutterschaftsurlaub in meinem alten Job zurück kehrte wurde schnell klar: Der ständige Spiessrutenlauf muss ein Ende haben. Also entschied ich mich, nach meinem Doktorat aus meinen zahlreichen Hobby-Side-Businesses Ernst zu machen. Heute bin ich beruflich flexibel und habe einen Job, der mir Energie gibt, anstatt sie zu nehmen. So kann ich die Zeit mit meinen Kindern in vollen Zügen geniessen. Willst du das auch?

Über mich

In the spirit of taking 'messy action' and understanding your curiosity about the person behind the coaching, I'll briefly mention a few things that I think are worth noting. I'm more than happy to share more details during our call:

  • I'm a mom of two girls (born in 2020 and 2022).

  • I've been in love with my husband for over 14 years. He is the constant supporter who always believes in my capabilities, often more than I believe in myself.

  • While I never had a clear career path, I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

  • Initially, I thought combining fulfilling paid work with motherhood wasn't feasible which I thought I was fine with until I wasn't. Then I realized that building my own business would provide the work fulfillment I desired.

  • My entrepreneurial journey began with my involvement in my first startup in 2014, leading to the initiation of several small businesses.

  • I find excitement in exploring new things and love helping others navigate unfamiliar territories.

  • My educational background includes business school, and I earned a Ph.D. in Digital Marketing/Consumer Behavior.

  • Baking, especially cupcakes, is a passion of mine and one of my little side gigs.

  • Overcoming my fear of embracing significant changes happened when I met my husband, who has a knack for trying out new things. Now, I've developed a similar enthusiasm—it's kind of an addiction.

  • One of my top business goals is to retire my husband from his corporate job. :)

  • I'm a cat lover, and I have two boy cats who bring joy to my life.

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