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The Membership topic for May 2024 is:

'Defining/Refining your Target Market.'

The topics change monthly, but you can also find resources related to past topics in the resource library.

Alle Hände rein

Mompreneur Village Membership

Wave goodbye to procrastination, overwhelm and loneliness, embrace decisive action, discover a sense of belonging, and run your online business as a mom with ease.

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Gain Clarity

Learn new Skills

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Belong to a Community

Take decisive Action

You want nothing more than to make this online business work and enjoy the journey.

But there's one problem: going it all alone is hard. You feel overwhelmed and stressed and it is not as easy, fun and fulfilling as you hoped. You might even miss the structure and team spirit you had in your 9-5.

You may have embarked on this online business journey alone, relying on your partner and friends for feedback, but they may not fully grasp  your situation. Perhaps you even invested in a self-paced program, which you may have never finished or which left you with more unanswered questions and a lack of clarity.

Regardless of your past experiences, one thing is evident: despite expecting it to feel light, enjoyable, and the perfect solution for juggling motherhood and career, it falls short of expectations. Instead, it became a constant struggle, leaving you feeling like you're spinning your wheels and getting stuck. The enjoyable ride feels more like a rollercoaster careening off its tracks. You may even find yourself yearning for the structure and support you had in your 9-5 job.

What you need right now is a supportive environment that acknowledges your experiences, guides you back on track, helps you find clarity and motivates you to maintain consistent action. Think of it like a gym or group fitness class, where pursuing goals alongside others and through skilled trainers brings motivation, energy, and the capability to push through challenges.


That's precisely the vibe inside the Mompreneur Village.

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With the Mompreneur Village membership, running your online business finally becomes a fun, fulfilling, and consistent journey, even when life throws you curveballs.

Ein Buch in der Hand

Say goodbye to…

🙅 Feeling lost and disconnected from others.

🙅 Constantly procrastinating on important tasks, hindering your journey to reaching your full potential as a mom entrepreneur.

🙅 Constantly trying everything but nothing sticks because you are lacking clarity and structure. 

🙅 Struggling to juggle multiple responsibilities of being a mother and an entrepreneur.

🙅 Feeling ill-equipped lacking the skills to handle the complexities of entrepreneurship.

🙅 Your business taking a toll on parenting and marriage, and feeling trapped and controlled by your aspirations.

Instead you'll...

🎉 Being surrounded by a supportive community who truly gets you.

🎉 Feel proud as you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, making decisions that feel right for you and your family.

🎉Having a clear roadmap of what needs to be done, when, and why, ensuring that every moment dedicated to your business is purposeful and propels you forward.

🎉 Experience flexibility and freedom, with time to enjoy little things, nurturing your relationships and personal growth. 

🎉 Feel confident in your abilities, knowing that you have the support and resources to succeed.

🎉 Create a happy home where your business complements your family life, bringing joy and fulfillment to both.

Introducing the...

Mompreneur Village Membership

Your one stop membership for making your online business journey as a mom feel light, fun, and productive. Unlock a supportive community of mompreneurs, monthly meetups, expert talks, collaborative work sessions, and more. 

Inside the membership you find all you need to get going and make your business dream a reality.


Supportive Community and Increased Visibility
  • Access to a supportive community of mompreneurs via the forum to connect, ask question, get feedback and learn from each other.

  •  Monthly online meetups to deepen connections, find accountability partners and collaborators.

  • Personalized profile with contact information, website, social media to get more exposure on your business and your offers.


Expert-Led Learning
  •  Access monthly live masterclasses and workshops led by industry experts.

  • Opportunity to get your questions answered.


Productivity Tools
  • Monthly workshops and co-working sessions to get stuff done.

  • Templates and worksheets for more efficiency. 


Resource Library
  • Access a curated library of templates, workbooks, and planners.

  • Recordings of expert-led trainings for continuous learning and deepen your understanding

Is this you...?

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels in your business, unable to make things click, and wondering if success is even possible?

Are you tired of hustling alone, missing the breaks and camaraderie you used to have with colleagues during your 9-5?

Do you find yourself constantly frustrated and stressed in your business, to the point where it affects your interactions with your children, and you're desperate for a change?

Do you struggle to get anything done because there are always other things demanding your attention, whether it's your kids, household chores, or social media?

Do you feel like you can't set boundaries between your business and home life because there are no fixed commitments or deadlines, causing your business to always take a backseat?

Do you constantly feel like you're busy but not sure if you're actually moving forward in the right direction?

The Mompreneur Village Membership is your key to breaking free from solitary and unproductive nights. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a thriving online business as a mom, feeling fulfilled and empowered to be your best self.

That’s all great but how is the mompreneur village membership different from all the other courses and coachings out there?

For and From Moms

I understand first hand that being a mom means juggling unique challenges while running a business. I know you don't have endless hours for self-paced learning. That's why the mompreneur village focuses on bite-sized, actionable learning tailored for busy moms like you.

Work Alongside Others

Unlike traditional courses that often leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed, our membership provides live coworking sessions and workshops. This means you can immediately apply what you learn in a supportive environment surrounded by others who are working towards the same goals.

Starter Friendly Pricing

I recognize that investing a fortune in a new business is a risk you might not be willing to take. That's why the community access comes for free. To unlock the full range of trainings, workshops, coworking opportunities, and additional resources, I simply ask for €27 a month. That is far less than what many of us spend on fleeting purchases like toys our kids never play with or that sweater hanging in the wardrobe, unworn.

Who is behind all this?

Hallo, ich bin


Als ich nach dem Mutterschaftsurlaub in meinem alten Job zurück kehrte wurde schnell klar: Der ständige Spiessrutenlauf muss ein Ende haben. Also entschied ich mich, nach meinem Doktorat aus meinen zahlreichen Hobby-Side-Businesses Ernst zu machen. Heute bin ich beruflich flexibel und habe einen Job, der mir Energie gibt, anstatt sie zu nehmen. So kann ich die Zeit mit meinen Kindern in vollen Zügen geniessen. Willst du das auch?



Community and Visibility

Connect with fellow mompreneurs, attend online meetups, and enhance your visibility through a personalized profile.


Expert-Led Learning

Access monthly live masterclasses, workshops, and get your questions answered by industry experts.


Productivity Tools

Participate in monthly workshops, co-working sessions, and access templates and worksheets for improved efficiency. 


Resource Library

Explore a curated library of templates, workbooks, planners, and recordings of past expert-led trainings for continuous learning.

€ 324/year

€ 27/month

two months off when you enroll for a year

Imagine this...

You wake up to the sound of tiny footsteps in the hallway, bringing a smile to your face. After a cozy breakfast and some playtime with your little ones, you help them get ready for the day ahead. As the hustle and bustle of the morning gradually settles into a peaceful calm, you finally find a quiet moment for yourself, ready to tackle the tasks waiting for you.

Logging into the Mompreneur Village Membership platform, you're greeted by the friendly faces of fellow mompreneurs, each one offering support and encouragement. Today's workshop promises to tackle a task that's been weighing on your mind for too long. With expert guidance and clear instructions, you dive into the workshop with determination. Surrounded virtually by your peers, you navigate through the process, overcoming obstacles and making progress with each step.

By the end of the workshop, you're ticking off that long-awaited task from your to-do list, feeling a sense of relief wash over you. The feeling of accomplishment fills you with pride, knowing that this progress will propel your business forward in ways you hadn't imagined.

As you tuck your children into bed later that night, a sense of contentment washes over you. No longer feeling alone or overwhelmed, you're supported and empowered by a community of like-minded moms who understand your journey.

Eltern und Tochter

Final Question

How much longer can you afford to navigate this journey alone before the weight of it all leads to burnout, causing you to abandon your dreams altogether?

I know that deep down you already know that you need to get yourself in a room with like-minded people and get some more productive structure in your business. If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t have gotten this far.

If you're ready to bid farewell to overwhelm, loneliness, procrastination, and the paralysis of perfectionism, and instead embrace a journey filled with intention and fulfillment, then the Mompreneur Village Membership awaits.

Gain access to a supportive community, expert-led masterclasses and workshops, guided co-working sessions, and more.

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