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Finally bring your visions to life and get things done.


Want to transform your ideas and tasks from thoughts into reality? 

Too many people waste valuable time and energy thinking about what they want to do, coming up with excuses for why they don't, instead of just doing it.

Is this you?

Frustrated with a vision or idea you never act on?

Overwhelmed by planning and execution, leaving you stuck?

Constantly overthinking, finding reasons not to move forward?

Stalling a task, knowing you need to do it but can't start?


Struggling to stay focused and organized with many interests?

All these signs show you're wasting precious time and energy, keeping you from what you truly want to achieve. It's time to identify what's holding you back and take action now.

You are in the right place, because...

Everyone: "You can't do all those different things; you need to pick something and become the go-to expert for that one thing..."

Me: "Finding a way to do it all by becoming the go-to expert for others to get anything done."


Coaching & Mentoring

Through coaching you gain clarity on what's holding you back and how to move forward. Together, we’ll uncover obstacles and develop actionable steps. You'll be held accountable and get clarity throughout  the process, empowering you to consistently take action and achieve your project goals.

Project Management

Need someone to manage a project that you finally want to tackle? I help you in breaking down complex tasks, creating realistic timelines that align with your schedule, and proactively managing risks. I’ll hold you accountable and if required can handle tasks like desk research, social media management, outsourcing, and more.

Talks / Guest Speaker

Need a speaker for your community or business event, or as a guest on your podcast? I’m an experienced speaker and lecturer passionate about topics such as self-management, project management for individuals,  entrepreneurship, authentic living, motherhood, and living abroad.

But who am I to think that I can help


Hi, I'm Gabriela. I'm a happily married mom of two, wearing many hats. 

I grew up in a stable home, loving structure and familiarity. My husband introduced me to adventure, blending my need for structure with a love for new challenges.

I get excited about turning ideas into reality. I thrive on action taking and can't stand seeing great ideas go undone.

I hold a Master's in Business and Law and a PhD in Business and Economics, focusing on digital consumer behavior and branding. My career started in corporate tax, then moved to research, marketing consulting and teaching, collaborating with Harvard Business School and industry partners.

Today, I'm an entrepreneur, lecturer, author, and coach, helping others bring their visions to life.

Project Portfolio

Below is a taste of project categories but the range of possible projects we could tackle together goes beyond these examples. 

Stop stalling! Let's have a chat, see if we click and how we can work together!

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