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Hi, I am Gabriela!

I help Moms like YOU to jump start an online business.

Launch a business you love that aligns with who you are and your season of life.


"Too many moms are stuck in jobs they don't like, sacrificing precious time they could have with their kids. My mission is to help them turn those hours into a business they love, leaving work recharged and free to enjoy every moment with their kids."

Do you feel stuck in a job that drains your energy?

Are thinking of going back to work, but the options don't seem worth being away from your kid(s)?

✓ Have you been daydreaming about having your own online business for weeks, months, or even years?

✓ Are you spending hours checking out profiles of other moms who own small businesses and live the flexible lifestyle you dream of?

If you relate to the above, this is your sign to dive into creating an online business you genuinely love!

Find a Business Idea that lights you up

Get the free email training to find an authentic business idea that excites you every day and brings joy and fulfillment to your life. Having a business idea that lights you up is the foundation for growing your business consistently while being an awesome and present mom.

Become a Mom Entrepreneur

Mompreneur Success Foundations

This self-paced course is for you if you dream of starting your own businesses but feel overwhelmed, scared, or unsure where to begin. It's also for you if you already run a business but you find yourself constantly juggling tasks, feeling burnt out, stressed, and unfulfilled.

1:1 Support

Whether you need help refining your business idea, defining your offer suite, sharpen your brand message, conducting market research, or setting up an online presence, I am here for you. Let's schedule a call to identify your needs and craft a bespoke offer tailored just for you.

Mompreneur Village Membership

The membership makes your business journey more enjoyable, and productive. Connect with a supportive community, participate in monthly meetups, expert talks, and co-working sessions. Access an extensive resource library to stay efficient and keep moving towards your business goals, even when life gets busy.

Join the Free Community

Are you tired of hustling alone, missing the camaraderie and support you used to have during your 9-5? Join the free Mompreneur Village WhatsApp Group and gain immediate access to a supportive community of like-minded moms. By joining, you'll also receive invitations to our monthly online meetups. We look forward to engaging and exchanging ideas with you!

Hi, I am Gabriela

When I returned to my job as a marketing and consumer researcher after maternity leave with my first daughter, it quickly became clear: the constant struggle and guilt of never being at the right place had to come to an end. So, I made a bold decision to quit my job, complete my PhD in digital marketing, and take my passion for building hobby-side businesses seriously.

Today, I am a digital marketing lecturer and business owner. I enjoy full professional flexibility and work that energizes me. My pursuit of professional flexibility and fulfillment makes me a more present mom and a role model to my two girls.

Do you want that too?

Teresa, Founding Member

"I recommend the Village to moms who are starting their own online business or have just started one and need support from the ground up."

Alina, Founding Member

"Thanks to the examples in the Mompreneur Village I gained more clarity on how to build my own funnel on IG"

Babsi, Founding Member

"The Village is for a mom who is struggling to manage their work life balance and is thinking about starting a business"

Stop stalling and overthinking. Send me a message to find out how I can support you.

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